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Watch: 10 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell!

By, 2018-04-16


Have you ever been with a mechanic to fix a defect in your car and then the mechanic telling you that your car has a lot of flaws and you will not be able to drive it for one mile? Mechanics usually do not tell you the truth that you need to know.


So you have to be very careful in choosing the right mechanic to repair your car.



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What should you know when dealing with a mechanic who will fix your car:


1. Check for certifications:


There are many countries that do not allow anyone to repair cars. Those who work as mechanics must have a license, so it is important that the person is experienced enough to repair your car. Be aware of the years of the experience and all the certificates the mechanic has.



2. Ask questions:


Show the mechanic that you are interested in your car and ask him some questions to test his knowledge and experience. The mechanic may not want you to ask questions because it will cost him more, but show your interest in knowing the faults in your car. In turn, you will feel more comfortable.



3. Never sign a blank authorization form:


There are some mechanics who will ask you to sign a blank authorization form, meaning that they will fix all the faults they will find in your car and then you will pay an expensive bill.



4. Does the mechanic have a scan tool and an engine analyzer?


Do not allow a mechanic to repair your vehicle, especially the car engine without tools to help him. The scan tool and the engine analyzer are very important in fixing the defects of the engine properly.



5. Synthetic oil costs more:


The mechanic will advise you to put synthetic oil when replacing the oil in your car, but it is important to be aware that the synthetic oil costs more money and it is expensive.



6. Don't tell the mechanic that he is the second opinion:


If you are one of those people who want to take the opinion of more than a mechanic, do not tell one of them that you have already consulted with another mechanic and what defect he found and the price he requested.



7. Services you do not need:


The mechanic may offer other paid services, such as cleaning the car and interior parts, and of course, it will cost you more.



8. Free lifetime mufflers:


This will cost you a lot, so you have to think carefully before you make that decision.



9. Ask about the tire's build date:


Many people do not realize the dangerous of having tires made for more than 3 years. Be careful and see the date yourself.


size of the dangerous installation frames that have been manufactured over 3 years ago, be careful of this point and make sure of your own frame making history.



10. Scare tactics:


As abovementioned, some mechanics use scare tactics and tell you that your car has a lot of defaults. Do not believe them and ask for more details and for sure you can ask another mechanic.



Watch the video for more details:



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