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Will you ride a car without a steering wheel or pedals?

By, 2018-04-15


You may have heard a lot about self-driving cars, many of which are now walking in the streets with human-driven cars, but can you imagine a self-driving car without a steering wheel or pedals? It's a little weird!


Car manufacturers every day are surprising us with new inventions and technologies that can not be imagined. Where can we get to?


One of the leading companies in the field of self-driving cars is General Motors, which announced its plans to launch a self-driving car in 2019 and also without a steering wheel or pedals to reduce the number of road accidents. These companies believe that human errors are the cause of car accidents.



The car is called Cruise AV. What are the technologies used in Cruise AV making it a unique car:


           1. No wheels or pedals:

Driving decisions are made by the computers such as steering, accelerating, and braking. That means there is no human interference at all.


In addition, electrical power, navigation, and crash detection do not have the ability to fail even if there is a default since there is a digital system working very well.



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           2. Screens:

The LCD touchscreens provided on seat backs gives the passengers a chance to enjoy their trip because they do not have to monitor the road since these screens display all the details they want to know and more.
Riders also can stop the car in the place they want for any reason.

3. Sensors:


The self-driving  car without a steering wheel or pedals, Cruise AV, has 21 radar sensors, 16 cameras and 5 laser lidar to monitor every single details around the car. What are the functions of former techs?


·         The Camera and lidar have the ability to identify everything on its way: people, traffic-line, etc.

·         Rotating radar sensors can track distant and any upcoming dangers.



4. Emergency stop:


There is an emergency button above each passenger in the Cruise and the reaction made by the car will not panic passengers as the usual breaks.


Furthermore,  riders can call for roadside-assistance system to help the car if there is any technical problems.  That system can work automatically.



Maybe you will not feel safe driving a self-driving car, so how would you feel if you ride a car without a steering  wheel or pedals?


But the spokesman said General Motors confirmed that the car can examine the area around it using 3560 technique and it is designed to identify  that can appear suddenly on its way and quickly make the suitable decision.


Will self-driving cars, especially those without pedals nor steering wheel  replace humans safely?


The answer to this question will remain largely unknown until these cars drive on streets and then we can see the results.



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