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Do Not Exceed Space Cushion or… Vital Traffic Tips

By, 2018-04-03


You often see a sign on cars: "New Driver, Keep Distance". Keeping distance! Is it limited just for new drivers? What does space cushion mean? Why does it important?



What is a Space Cushion?


Space Cushion is the space should be left between your car and other cars to avoid accidents if you have a sudden stop in the street. It is also the distance on both sides of the car; this extra space will help you to move and maneuver in dangerous conditions. Try to have at least a space on one side of the car.


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How can you determine Space Cushion?


There are a lot of conditions determine the space cushion; one of these is the speed. Generally, the space cushion is 5 to 10 meters and the space increases when you rise the speed. Every extra 10 km. requires extra 5 space cushion meters.


Do not forget the weather. You are likely need to have more space cushion if the weather is rainy, fuggy etc.; that's because you do not have a clear vision in such weathers so you need more space to avoid accidents.


In addition, you need more space cushion when you drive next to trucks for there are blinded spots in which the driver can not see you.


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How can I leave space cushion in the back?


You can control the distance between your car and the car precedes it, but it might be hard to control the space with the car that follows you. What is the solution?


But in your consideration that the space cushion you leave between your car and the car precedes it helps you a lot by which the driver follows you might imitate you.


The change comes from you at first; change yourself and your lifestyle, you will find the world around you changes too.



Key Tips:

1.      Make sure to have 3 seconds space cushion between the car in front of you and your car.

2.      Rise the space cushion if the weather is bad.



 Other Important Tips:


1.      Road hazard triangle:


Be careful if you see a road hazard triangle since it means there is a broken car on the road. It is usually located 50 meters away from the disabled vehicle in the normal roads and 150 meters away on the highways.


2.      Distance on both sides:


Before moving left or right you should alert the vehicle on the road for what you want to do by running the side arm at least 100 meters away.



You may think driving is very easy, but you have to pay attention to all the details on the road, even if it is small. Anything on the road can lead to major disasters and serious risks.



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