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How to Get Your Car Ready After Winter?

By, 2018-03-05


Winter ends and we are at the beginning of spring and summer in which nature a new life to the flowers, birds and people. But, have you ever thought to prepare your car for the coming seasons and to take care of it after the rainy winter and its accumulations hurting your car from outside and inside?


Nature does have an impact not only on living creatures, but also on everything on the Earth. Your car had come for sure through changes during winter affected by the atmosphere and temperatures. Get ready to your new journeys and adventures and perfectly get your car ready to avoid any defect might upset you, too. Here are 3 car maintenance tips after winter:


1.      Check your tire pressure and clean the tires and rims:


Your tires are very important since they are the meeting point of your car with the road, so it's very essential to check the pressure and cleanliness of the tires and rims.


Firstly, tires go through a lot of changes with the temperature's changes; tires pressure decreases along with the decrease of the temperature and when the temperature increases, the pressure increases too. Check the tires pressure because it affects your driving and the fuel consume. If you want to make a double check, go to an auto parts store.


Secondly, clean your tires and rims preventing the accumulation of salts and dirt that have accumulated during winter.


2.      Clean and Wax your car


Certainly, you have noticed the dirt of your car during winter that your driving during winter left a lot of dirt and salts on it affecting your car efficiency and causing rust and other serious problems. Do not forget to wash and wax your car by which your psychology also will change to be better.


Winter was a little bit chilly and I think you did not want to clean your car in that cold weather; yet you have no excuse to clean your car even from inside. Clean it and have a new start in your life.


3.      Change oil and check fluids


Change the oil of your car during the recommended periods since the neglecting changing oil might reduce the engine performance and increase the fuel consume. Check the fluids oil, brake and cooling system fluids and make sure that the levels of fluid.

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