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Clean your black car following simple steps

By, 2019-01-08


Car cleaning, maintenance and care are important things for car owners around the world. Although cleaning is an easy process, many people do not do it themselves, which costs them a lot of money when going to car washing shops. But black cars need more care and a special way to clean them and take care of them to keep their luster and color black.


The best materials to use when cleaning a black car:


Black colored cars may be affected by cleaning materials, so there are some special cleaning materials for black cars to keep its color. But there are many simple materials that can be used and keep the car color.:

1- A mix of shampoo and conditioner can be used to clean the black car, and this combination clean it properly and does not affect the black car.

2- Cleaning Gel for dishes with warm water, works to clean the car and give it a shiny look.

3- The glass cleaner can be used to polish the car windshield and polish the headlights.


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What is the best way to clean a black car?


1. Place the car in a cool place away from the sun.

2. Start cleaning the vehicle by removing the accumulated dust on the car from the outside and inside.

3. Close the windows and doors well so as not to let cleaning materials leak into the car.

4. Clean the wheels first before cleaning the car.

5. Use warm water with one of the materials mentioned previously to clean the car.

6. Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the car and keep away from other fabrics to save the car from scratches.

7- Do not use chlorine-containing detergents to maintain the color of the black car.

8. After cleaning the car, dry it with a soft cloth.

9. Do not forget to polish the windscreen, windows and headlights.

10. You can also use water only to clean the car and get rid of dust without affecting the color of the car.

11- After cleaning the car you have to maintain it covered when not used.


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There are some other tips you can follow in the cleaning process, such as:


1. Car waxing is an important step when cleaning it. It gives the car a great shine and protects it against scratches. Excessive use of the car may adversely affect the car, showing small scratches in the car.

2. Make sure to use soft and clean cotton cloths to keep your car protected from scratches.

3. Do not use the compound powder in the cleaning process because it affects the color of the car, especially if the car is black.


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