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Will General Motors Stop producing these cars in 2019?

By, 2019-01-03


Car manufacturers around the world have to make crucial decisions in producing certain types of cars according to the requirements of the car market and the supply and demand of different types of cars. During 2018, many companies stopped producing cars’ models because of a drop in the global demand turning to other cars, resulting in a significant drop in sales. One of the companies that are expected to stop producing a number of their cars is General Motors.


According to CNN Business report, six cars are likely to end by General Motors in 2019. According to reports, all of these cars are sedans since this category of cars has been experiencing a weakness in the global sales for years because of the global demand for the Crossover, SUV and Hatchback cars. So, What is the fate of these cars in 2019?


6 cars from General Motors are expected to end its production in 2019:


1- Chevrolet Impala


For years, rumors have been talking about stopping the production of the American sedan Chevrolet Impala. Since Chevrolet Impala is one of GM's worst selling cars in the world, it is expected to have an end in 2019.


2- Cadillac XTS


As all sedan cars, Cadillac XTs suffers from a significant drop in the proportion of global sales putting them on the list of cars that are expected to end in 2019.


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3- Chevrolet Cruze


Despite the fact that Chevrolet Cruze is competing many other international cars such as Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Nitra , Mazda 3 and many other cars, still it is expected to be stopped in 2019. The percentage of sales during the year dropped by 26.5%.


4- Chevrolet Volt


GM has launched Chevrolet Volt With its sister Chevrolet Electric Bolt, the sales of the two cars were low during the year. But with the world heading for electric cars, it will protect the Chevrolet Bolt electric car and put the Chevrolet Volt on the list of cars that are expected to end in 2019.


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5- Cadillac CT6


The advanced technologies available in the Cadillac Ct6 did not prevent it from having weak sales that slipped 10.6%. Which could put it on the list of cars that are expected to end in 2019.


6. Buick Lacrosse


Like all other Sedan cars, Buick Lacrosse suffers from weak sales falling to 14.2%, which gives an expectations that the car will have an end in 2019.


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