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How to choose the right oil engine in winter

By, 2018-12-09


When preparing the car for winter, some drivers find it easy to prepare the cabin and clean it, the wheels, the engine and batteries. Some people find it difficult to know the right engine oil to use in winter. They can't choose the most effective and efficient type of engine oil that is suitable at low temperatures.


What are the functions of oil engine in the car?


1. Oil engine helps to facilitate the movement of gears and access to all internal parts of the engine, which provides maximum protection for the engine.

2. Maintains the temperature of the engine in which the engine is maintained without being damaged.


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How to choose the right oil engine in winter?


Oil Engine is one of the most important elements that maintains and protects the engine of the car and helps maintain the temperature in the engine. There are two ways to choose the right oil engine for your car in winter:


1- Car catalog

The car guide or catalog is the first reference to find the right oil engine for your car. Check your vehicle's manual to see which oils are appropriate for the car at different temperatures.


2 -  Oil Symbols

Types of oil engine vary in their viscosity; the amount of viscosity of the engine oil determines the temperature at which the engine can be maintained. You can find out how much engine oil viscosity is through the oil symbols, which is the numbers and symbols companies place on engine oil packages. Through which you can know the maximum and minimum temperatures at which the oil works efficiently.


You'll find symbols on the packages like 5 W30 , Denotes a letter W On the winter and the figure to the left of the letter indicates the lowest temperatures in which engine oil works in the winter. The figure on the left indicates the high temperatures at which this oil works efficiently.


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Change your car oil engine if you find the following signs:


There are many signs that tell you to change the oil engine of your car so that it keeps the engine from being damaged, including:


1- Sounds from the car engine above the normal level, which means that there is considerable friction between the engine parts and in this case the oil has lost its efficiency in the work and needs to be replaced.

2- Lighting the oil engine bulb in the car dashboard indicating a shortage or a problem in oil engine .

3- A change in the color of oil engine turning into a darker color or black. This indicates a huge percentage of impurities or full oil combustion. At this point you should change the car oil quickly.

4- Black smoke from the exhaust pipe, it indicates the combustion of engine oil.


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