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Adjust your car mirror perfectly to avoid blind spots

By, 2018-12-08


Many drivers are unaware of the importance of front and side mirrors in the car and the function of each one. According to studies, most car accidents were caused by neglecting front and side mirrors adjustment of the car. Failure to properly adjust the front and side mirrors of the vehicle leads to the presence of so-called blind spots in traffic, which is considered the first factor of traffic accidents. What are the blind spots, how can you adjust front and side car mirrors to avoid blind spots and thus avoid traffic accidents?


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What do you mean by the blind spots?


The blind spots are the spaces on either side of the car that are hard to see while driving from any of the three mirrors of the car, either front or side. These blind spots have two basic angles: the right angle at 225 and the left angle at 45 degrees or 315 degrees.


According to statistics, blind spots are the reason of about 47% of daily traffic accidents in the world. This is so dangerous since most drivers do not see cars coming from behind only after passing those cars, which could lead to traffic accidents.


How do I adjust the car mirrors correctly?


First: Front Mirror:

It is very easy to adjust the front mirror of the car, they are responsible for detecting the driver's way back. All you have to do is moving the mirror until the entire rear glass of the car is fully visible to see the road. Make sure no stickers are placed that can cover the rear glass of the vehicle.


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Second:  Left Side Mirror:

This is the mirror on the left side which is directly next to the driver. The function of this mirror is to detect the blind spots on the left side beside the driver. Sit in the driving position to adjust the mirror and tilt your head until it touches the glass of the left window, then adjust the mirror position so that you can see the rear corner of the car. This way you can fully see the side including the blind spots on the left.


Third:  Right Side Mirror:

To adjust the right side mirror from, repeat the same steps by sitting in the driving position and tilting the head towards the right window glass until the head touches the glass. Then adjust the mirror until you see the rear corner of the car through which you will be able to see the entire right side area including the blind spots on the right.


Watch the following video that shows you how to adjust the side mirrors correctly to avoid road accidents



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