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Traffic safety requirements by the Ministry of the Interior in Qatar

By, 2018-07-01


The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Traffic, always provides all means of protection and safety for citizens. The Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic ensure the need to stay in touch with citizens to inform them of all updates, traffic safety and other news that guarantee their safety.


In this sense, the Ministry of the Interior, on its official website and on its social media platforms, publishes all the news concerning the safety of citizens and important data.


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The Ministry of Interior explained on its website about traffic awareness that all citizens should abide by to increase safety on the roads and to preserve lives and property. The Ministry of the Interior focused on the need for continuous maintenance of the vehicle and ensure the safety of all parts of the car in terms of security and durability before driving the vehicle.


These requirements are:

  1. Validity of tires.
  2. efficiency of the brake.
  3. oil and water measurement.
  4. Wellness of side signs, lights and glass areas
  5. Efficiency of the vehicle engine.
  6. Validity of fire extinguisher and its easy accessibility to you.
  7. Closure of the machine cover
  8. Availability of a spare key to use in the case of the loss of the original key or forgetting it inside the car.


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It is not only to ensure the safety of previous parts of the vehicle only, but there are many steps and things that the driver must abide by and relate to him personally to increase protection for himself and preserve the spirit and lives of those with him in the vehicle and on the roads.


These are the driver's safety requirements as explained by the Ministry of the Interior on its official website, which the driver must adhere to these guidelines before driving his vehicle:


  1. Arrange the driving seat in a comfortable position for you
  2. Buckle up and prevent children below 10 years to sit in the front seats.
  3. Make sure to put the side and interior mirrors in the right mode that lets you see the cars behind you or beside you.
  4. Make sure that your co-traveler wears seat belt.
  5. Before starting the car engine, make sure that the handbrake is tight and the engine is in the correct position.
  6. Make sure your vehicle’s alarm system are functional.
  7. Pay attention to driving and not to be busy with something else.
  8. Abide by the stipulated speed for the road.
  9. Abide by the road marks that show you how to move from one track to another, as well as on the main street and roundabouts.
  10. Leave safe distance between you and the car in front of you.
  11. Ensure that the road is free before you enter it.
  12. Give pedestrians their right to cross the road.
  13. Never overtake in places where overtaking is forbidden.
  14. Never change the track suddenly without checking the track.
  15. Don’t use strobe lights to annoy the drivers in front of you.


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Tell us about other requirements that drivers shall abide by.


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