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Guide signs in Qatar 2018

By, 2018-06-20


States and Traffic Departments are keen to ensure the safety of all citizens. The General Directorate of Traffic in Qatar plays a lot of efforts to provide safety on roads and protect citizens. In this context, the General Directorate of Traffic continues to put traffic signs on the roads due to its great role in providing protection and facilitating the process of driving and traffic regulation.


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"Guide signs" is one of the most important traffic signs that plays a crucial role in facilitating traffic, explaining the places of services, and other guides. Being aware of these guide signs makes it easy for drivers and pedestrians to follow these signs whenever they need any help, especially if they are travelling for long distances.


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What are the colors of the guide signs in Qatar:

The guide signs often take the shape of the long rectangle and they are covered in blue, but the paintings inside them are white. The blue color is connected to signs on the highways. And there are some green signs and beige signs.


Here are some guide sings used in Qatar:





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