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A Chinese woman destroys Ferrari in huge crash

By, 2018-06-24


Ferrari 458, which its price is 1.5 million QAR, was hit by a massive crash after a terrible accident.


A Chinese woman rented 458 Ferrari, but she did not enjoy driving it because after a short time she lost control of it completely, causing a series of accidents. Ferrari first hit a BMW and the BMW hit Nissan.






The video has a clip from inside the car that shows the Chinese lady's happiness and pride in driving a Ferrari and its wonderful feeling.


In terms of casualties, there was no loss, but the Chinese lady and her friend suffered injuries that were not serious. It is worth mentioning that the cost of repairing a Ferrari is equivalent to the cost of purchasing almost one new one.



Watch: 2019 BMW 8 Series Prototype Deadly Crash In Germany



It is not yet clear why the Chinese lady lost control of Ferrari causing this horrific incident.



Watch this video to see how Ferrari has been crashed:


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