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By, 2018-06-23


During South Boston Speedway, the car of one of the drivers caught fire during the race. His father and crew chief, run and take his son out of the car without using any means of protection and with great speed and greatness to save his son from death in a fire.



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His car crashed to the walls, so Mike Jones car ignited very quickly. His father was the first one who reached to his car and he took his son out of the car within moments.


Although his father saved his life in front of dozens of people and he succeeded  to do so, the former company said that his father would be punished because he, who is unskilled and without protection, entered the race track trying to rescue his son.


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In return, the father responded to the punishment as not important at all and he never regretted his son's rescue from the inevitable death. No one could prevent him from saving his son's life. He said that he tried to return to the car after his son was rescued to activate the fire suppression system, but firefighters prevented him to do so.


Watch how his father rescued him:


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