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Watch how Hyundai Celebrates the Coming of Ramadan

By, 2018-05-15


The famous Hyundai Motor Company celebrates with its Arab fans the coming of Ramadan by making a series of short films that show family customs and traditions in Ramadan. For the third year, Hyundai celebrates with its fans an unforgettable memories of Ramadan through its films of the holy month.


The short film series called "Ramadan Al Khalid" presents the inherited traditions generation after generation in Arab societies. Each film represents Ramadan days between the past and the present to show how the habits of Ramadan are transferred from grandparents to parents. It also shows that whatever the times have changed, there are fixed things that do not change and leave immortal memories over the years.


"We want through our series of Ramadan short films this year to show that there are some special things that remain constant," said Mike Song, head of operations for Hyundai Middle East and Africa. The change in many things in life around us, a Ramadan that brings together families, and this remains a legacy among generations in which it holds unforgettable moments shared by all, young and old. "


Hyundai has released the first of its Ramadan series, "Ramadan Al Khalid". The second story will be on the first of Ramadan, while the third and final story will be presented on the first day of Eid al-Fitr.


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