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Watch How the Police Stopped a Modified Nissan in Monaco

By, 2018-05-14


Monaco's traffic police has stopped a Nissan GT-R after the driver of the car driven it at low speed in Monaco's famous Subway, which is considered the place of the wealthy people's unique cars.


The driver was showing off his Japanese car, known as Goodzilla Japan. The owner of the car made many modifications to make the car catching, he put a huge rear wing, and lowered the height of the ground and provided a modified exhaust. He also made mechanical modifications to its V6 engine with a 3.8-liter capacity plus a twin Turbine generating 1,850 hp.


Police in Monaco stopped the modified car as soon as it left the Subway and gave him a traffic ticket to pay. There is no obvious reason why the car was stopped, but perhaps because of the large modifications which are not suitable for road driving but for racetracks. The owner of the modified car received the ticket calmly and continued driving his distinctive car.


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