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The Met Department Warns drivers from Thundery Rain and Strong Wind Today

By, 2018-04-16


The Met Department has announced that there will be a thundery rain accompanied with strong wind starts from today morning until Wednesday. The department has also urged people to check weather conditions before going outdoors.


Scattered rain is likely to fall in some areas and a thundery rain is expected to be accompanied with strong wind which may reach 30 Knots. This will led to a dusty and foggy weather.


The rain will range from light to moderate and temperature is expected to be 24C to 33C, as the department recorded. Waves are expected to reach 3 feet inshore and 4-8 feet offshore.





From its side, the General Directorate of Traffic has warned drivers through posting the expected weather conditions today which will be partly cloudy to cloudy accompanied by light rain in some areas. Visibility will range from 4-8 Kilometers and it may decrease to reach 3 Kilometer while raining.


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