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Advice on Driving in Ramadan

By, 2019-05-05


Road traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities peak in the holy month of Ramadan. It is sad to witness many accidents and some fatalities ones every year. It is a challange to remain saif on the roads during the fasting hours, especially when Ramadan falls during the summer where the day is longer and the temperature in high. To ensure your safety and the safety of other road users during the Holy month, beware of your own fatigue, watch out for other fatigued drivers, and follow these basic precautions:


1. Get plenty of rest as tiredness may kill you:

Lack of sleep, accumulated over several days, will affect your ability to concentrate. This ultimately affects your ability to react safely to a dangerous driving situation. Plan your schedule in Ramadan to sleep well, exercise regularly, and eat your meals at a consistent time.


2. See and be seen:

Before you make any road trip night such as going to early morning prayer (Fajir), ensure that your headlights, taillights, and signal lights are functioning properly. Clean your windows from any dust that could impair your ability to see clearly.


3. Drive defensively:

Observe all traffic signs, rules, and regulations. Most importantly, watch out for the other drivers on the road. Use your defensive driving techniques to avoid dangerous situations. Always try to anticipate other driver's mistakes.



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4. Take food with you to the car:

If you are fasting and not sure to reach your destination before (Iftar), we recomend that you take the breakfast meal with you and have it after you pull over your car in a safe place rather than rushing to catch the exact first minute of (Iftar).


5. Slow down, no need to rush; obey the posted speed limits:

Give yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at your destination on schedule. try to avoid driving during rush hours. In Ramadan, rush hours in Qatar are 7:00am to 08:am, 01:00pm 02:00pm, and 09:00pm to 11:00pm 


6. Recognise the early signs of fatigue:

Do not start any road trip if you have any of following symptoms; yawning, poor concentration, tired eyes, restlessness, drowsiness, weakness, slow reactions, qversteering.


7. Avoid using the car horn as it is very disturbing on most of the cases. 


We wish you a happy, blessed and safe Ramadan.


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