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Genesis officially unveils the G90 with great updates

By, 2018-12-05


Genesis has officially unveiled the G90 with great updates and great changes to the exterior design so the car looked like a new generation car.


The G90 appeared with midlife updates that are usually few in cars, but Genesis has made great updates to the car which demonstrate its creativity. The car got a different identity through the exterior design of the car. Where the company made complete changes to the exterior such as a new front grille and new lamps consisting of 4 lenses with LED lighting.


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Genesis also redesigned the hood and the rear has two-part LED lights. As for the logo, Genesis logo was replaced with the name of the company. It also got a new design for the compact exhaust outlets. The car became more streamlined thanks to the new design.


As for the interior design, it did not receive major updates. Genesis provided wider choices of leather, upgraded security and entertainment systems, and updated aircrew design. The G90 is still available with three options: the V6 3.8-liter V6, the 3.3-liter dual-turbo V6 engine and the most powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine.


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