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2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport new features

By, 2018-09-19

The Land Rover Discovery Sport


The Land Rover Discovery Sport will get a new and highly updated version in order to provide more comfort for drivers, and the new version is likely to be released early in 2019.


The car was under testing for long time to ensure that it meets all safety standards. The concept car first appearance in disguise was on July. The company then announced that it will reveal the car in 2019.


The modified version of Land Rover Discovery Sport was tested in Spain. The new version will have a new exterior and interior design and is also thought to have a mixed power engine, which will make it a good alternative for cars such as BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.


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Land Rover Discovery Sport Features:


There are no much details about the new Land Rover, but it may have  new Ingenium Tri-cylinder hybrid engines accompanied with a motor and electric transmission.


It features a 300-volt lithium batteries installed under the center of the car. For the battery charger, there is no details whether it will have the turbocharger or the normal charger.


The most popular model of the Jaguar Land Rover,  the Evoque, will be built on a remarkably updated platform called Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA), which is more stiffer than the current D8 platform.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Design modifications:


Although there are small modifications on the design of the car, these modifications have helped in reducing wind noise by 10%. Different designs are expected for the new wheels, which will make the car look sportier or smoother according to your needs. While the rear of the car, modifications were made on lights and they used tail lights.


The materials and design of the cabin is likely to be improved. The most remarkable improvement will be the new information and entertainment system with a larger screen and improved graphics.


Although the current version can actually accommodate two adults at the rear and has a third row of seats suitable for children, improvements will be placed on the design of the cabin.


The new sports car uses cameras installed in the front of the car to which can show you the earth under the hood and displays this video on the windshield of the car.


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Land Rover Discovery Sport electric hybrid engine


Hybrid technology will be available with the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The car will have a 1.5 liter petrol engine with three cylinders, powered by a large electric motor. This will allow the car to travel 30 miles on one battery charge alone, reducing consumption costs.


Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019 Price


The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019 is expected to maintain the initial price of £ 30,000 in the current model and prices are also expected to rise to about £ 40,000 for the hybrid model. It is unlikely to see official photos of the new car until next year.


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