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New vehicle renewal service was launched on Metrash2

By, 2018-06-13


Qatar- General Directorate of Traffic launched a new vehicle renewal service. The service allows vehicle owners to renew the car license online through Metrash2, without the need to revert to the General Directorate of Traffic. Also, the vehicle license will be valid for 3 years after completing the insurance fees.


•    Thanks to this service, car owners no longer have troubles with annual inspection.

•    The service allows technical inspection and insurance to be done through Metrash2.


This service comes as part of "Ramadan and safe driving" program which was launched during Ramadan to raise awareness among the public to reduce traffic accidents. The program focuses on monitoring the streets, educating the public on road safety, speed of response and access to the site of the event, development of performance of driving schools and driving standards and improve the quality of traffic services provided to the public at par with global standards.


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