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Public Works Authority Opens Bani Hajar Intersection on Khalifah Avenue Road

By, 2018-04-15

The Public Works Authority of Qatar has opened the Bani Hajar intersection, which is part of the Khalifa Avenue project. The intersection will facilitate traffic between Doha, Dukhan, Beni Hajar and Al Rayyan.


The intersection was opened by the Director of the Highway Department in Ashghal, Yousef Al Emadi and the Director of Traffic and Safety Engineering at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Mohammad Marifiya , in the presence of a number of Ashghal employees, project engineers and workers.



The opening of the intersection will lead to the cancellation of the temporary transformations and will all be transferred to the permanent road junction between Hajar and Badrh will facilitate traffic significantly and will reduce time and traffic congestion.


It also included the opening of 4 new sections of Khalifa Street, 2.4 km between Al Gharafa and Al Rayyan Intersections. Bringing the total work completed on Khalifa Street to 5.5 km. The opening also included an overpass and a 1.3-kilometer tunnel linking roads from Al Rayyan to Dukhan Road. Ashghal also opened two directors via Khalifa in the direction of Bani Hajar.


These procedures are carried out in cooperation between the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) and the General Directorate of Traffic to facilitate and develop roads for drivers and citizens to enhance road safety.


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