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Motor oil must be changed immediately in those cases

By, 2018-03-04


Motor oil is one of the most important elements in engine operation and it is an important element to protect the engine at the same time, so taking care of it and choosing the right kind means choosing the right armor for the engine. Motor oil has a key role in reducing engine temperature and protecting it from fusion during operation. It also reduces the friction between the metal motor parts and provides a sticky lining that prevents the engine from eroding so that it can last longer.


And leaving the motor oil unchanged in a timely manner has negative effects on the engine of the car; as it reduces its life expectancy, and increases the possibility of failure. There are errors committed by some people during the process of oil changing affect the efficiency, and in this topic will explain the most appropriate times for changing motor oil.


When should I change motor oil?


Skip oil life:

Motor oil can work efficiently under a certain distance, and that distance is shown on the oil pack, it's between 5000 and 20000 km.

When the oil of the engine exceeds that distance, it starts to lose its basic properties such as reducing engine heat and preventing internal friction of the engine's metal. The vehicle's mileage should be recorded when you change the oil. So you can check it and find out when to change it.


Hard work and long travel:

There are cases in which motor oil must be changed even if it is not used in the specified distance, such as the hard work of the engine for long periods of time and long distances traveling without rest, in this case you must change the motor oil because it is then full of fragments and remnants of fine metals Which will damage the engine of the car in the long term.


Not using the car for periods:

If you leave your car for long periods of time without work, you should check the motor oil by checking its viscosity and making sure it still retains its ability to reduce friction and reduce engine temperature. Of course, the viscosity is the key.


Oil color change:

The owner of the vehicle must check the motor oil frequently to check the oil level, and not to fall below the normal limit, and during the examination of the oil level, you have to check the color of oil and make sure that the color of the oil is not changed.


If you find that the motor oil is turned darker than black, in that case you have to change the oil immediately because the motor oil has been burned, as a result of a very long distance without having rest or bad use of the car, causing the engine to burn from inside.

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