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Video: Grand Cherokee Vs McLaren 570S

By, 2018-01-28

trackhawk Vs Mclaren


It is so strange to watch a contest between an SUV and a sport car. But no, this is a drag race between a bone stock Jeep Grand Cherokee and a McLaren 570S supercar, and it’s close.


We should not forget to mention that the Jeep is a 707-horsepower (527kW), Hellcat-powered Trackhawk, and the McLaren doesn’t have quite as much horsepower – 562 (419kW) and much lighter in weight.


On paper, the all-wheel drive Trackhawk is said to hit 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The McLaren, on the other hand, does the same sprint in 3.1 seconds with just the rear hides clawing at pavement. Bench racing would give the victory to the supercar, but we all know numbers don’t always tell the tale.


So who do you think will win the race? The answer is in this video.



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