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Question: Can I change gasoline Super to Premium?

By, 2018-01-09


After the gradual increase in petrol prices in Qatar in the last months, many people are wondering whether the change from the 95 Super Gasoline to 91 Premium Gasoline is ok for the engine, regardless the engine is 4 or 8 cylinders.


The answer in short: Some car engines accept the change and some do not. Therefore, first, you need to look at the manual of your car and check the quality of gasoline allowed in your engine, if the engine requires the type of 95 petrol and more, then you cannot make any changes. If the engine allows the gasoline less than 95, then you can change directly and this will not have any affect on your vehicle.


It is worth mentioning that the petrol prices in Qatar have increased to (1.85) riyals per liter for the Super Gasoline, and to (1.80) riyals per liter for the Premium Gasoline, which prompted many to think about changing the quality of gasoline used in their cars or even change their cars to other cars with smaller engines.


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