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10 Fastest SUVs in 2017

By, 2018-01-02

The year 2017 has seen a great improvement on SUV cars. SUVs have taken the world by storm and the popularity of SUVs is growing everyday. Almost all car brands in the world have an SUV version these days, you can even get an SUV convertible these days, thanks to Range Rover.


When it comes to the high-performance end of the market it's no different, these family friendly cars have the power to give more exotic metal a run for their money. Below is a list of the top 10 fastest SUVs from 0-100 kilometers per hour.


There are a few strange things about this list, but mainly, they are that the list does not include any car from Range Rover, and that the list is lead by an electric car!


10th place: Mercedes GLA45 AMG in 4.4 seconds.



9th place: Mercedes GLE63 S AMG coupe with 4.2 seconds.



Eighth place: BMW X6 M with a time of 4.2 seconds.



Seventh place: the all-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo in 4.1 seconds.



Sixth place: Bentley Pentaje in 4 seconds.



Fifth place: Prabus GLE Coupe 850 Coupe with a time of 3.8 seconds.



Fourth place: Alfa Romeo Steelillo Quadrifoglio with a time of 3.8 seconds.



Third place: Lamborghini Uros with a time of 3.6 seconds.



Second place: Jeep Grand Cherokee Trakhoek in 3.4 seconds.



First place: Tesla Model X with a time of 3.2 seconds.



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