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Clarkson to Palestinians: Make London the capital of US

By, 2017-12-11

Jeremy Clarkson


Through a tweet from his personal account on Twitter, Jeremy Clarkson has advised Palestinians to announce that London is the capital of the United States of America. The tweet was in response to Trump declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


Clarkson wrote the cheeky message on Twitter last Thursday, almost exactly 24 hours after Trump’s controversial announcement. Clarkson tweeted: "Palestinians: why not announce that as far as you’re concerned, the capital of America is London."


The tweet received a massive interactions, where more that 17K people retweeted it and nearly 50K people liked it.


On Wednesday the 5th December, US President Trump announced his intention to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, declaring that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel. This has sparked outrage across the Middle East and the international community.


Clarkson Palestine

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