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Learn about the features of the new iPhone X for drivers

By, 2017-12-04


The new iPhone X comes with new features which will enhance security and safety factors for drivers.


Apple said that the new iPhone X is able to know if the user is in a driving mode via the iOS 11 operating system, so it will then block incoming calls in the "Silent Mode" in order to not distract the driver's attention while driving.



And when this function, which is also called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", is active, the device will not display incoming calls or messages. Instead, the caller or sender receives information that the driver (the owner of the iPhone X) is not currently available.


This function is optional and can be disabled at any time via the settings menu. Passengers are excluded from silent mode, and can confirm with a push of a button that they are not behind the steering wheel.


It was recently reported that Apple, for iPhone X, will abandon the Lightning port and implement the fastest USB-C port, but iPhone X still depends on the Lightning port which means the common USB-A port. This means that cars equipped with traditional USB ports can easily be connected to the new IPhone X.


With the modern Qi technology, iPhone X can be charged wirelessly. For this purpose, Apple will offer the AirPower wireless charging pad for its smartphone as early as 2018; the phone is placed on it to charge wirelessly, but the Airpower should be connected to a power source.


It is worth mentioning that the new iPhone X comes with an all-screen Retina 5-inch screen with 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution and supports OLED and HDR technology. The phone also features a faceID feature to recognize the owners face through a three-dimensional technology.

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