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Man fined QR 8,000 for a hit and run incident

By, 2017-11-07

(For Representation only)


A young man was punished by the court of first instance in Qatar for committing a traffic accident, causing injury to a person, and running away from the scene. Reported the Peninsula this morning.


The young man was fined separately for both, causing the injury and also for running away from the scene.


The prosecution brought the young man to trial on charges of violating the safety of the victim because of his violation, and because of running away from the accident scene. The prosecution said in the court that this was due to negligence, carelessness, lack of care and disregard of laws and regulations, causing injuries and driving a vehicle to endanger the lives of people and money.


The court sentenced the young man in absentia with a fine of QR 3,000 for causing wrongful injury and a fine of QR 5,000 for the charge of escaping from the scene.


Because the young man was not present during the sentencing, the court dismissed his objection to the setence. Code of Criminal Procedure states that the absence of accused, without an acceptable excuse, in any of the judicial sessions specified for the hearing of the case, is not allowed and any opposition thereafter is not allowed.

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