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Hyundai Manufactures World's First Airbags For Sunroofs

By, 2017-11-06

Hyundai Sunroof Airbag


Hyundai Mobis, an affiliate of the Hyundai Motor Group, has developed the world's first airbag system for sunroofs in cars.


In these days, car manufacturers have the passenger safety as a top priority, especially that we are seeing more and more car accidents world wide.



Hyundai Mobis was working on the sunroof airbag for two and a half years. The new airbag system will have utility mainly for cars and SUVs with panoramic sunroof.


The idea is to protect the passengers in front and back seats in the case of the car flipping over. The sunroof airbag can deploy in 0.08 seconds and provide protection to the passengers from serious neck and head injuries in case of a roll-over.


Hyundai Mobis confirmed that it will be able to take large orders for sunroof airbags in 2018. And Hyundai Mobis recommend this airbag system for all types of vehicles especially SUVs.


It is worth mentioning that the global airbag market is worth $ 5.3 billion per year, and expected to grow by 11% every year till 2022. One of the major reasons is the ever-growing global demand for SUVs.

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