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Do you fancy a job that pays millions in the car industry?

By, 2017-08-25


If you fancy to earn millions and work for the most famous auto show in the world, well, here is your chance!!


While Jeremy Clarkson is suffering from his life-threatening bout of pneumonia, the show must go on and Amazon need someone to hold the fort on The Grand Tour.


If you fancy applying, note this role is temporary, but certainly worth it.


The job advertisement as displayed on Amazon was for a temporary presenter with a number of specifications the hopeful candidates must fulfil.


The ad opens with: ‘Amazon Prime Video is seeking a host for an original TV series to be seen around the world.’ It goes on to say applicants must be adept at working with other presenters of varying sizes, have a sound knowledge of Pink Floyd and must be able to deal with annoying colleagues!!


It’s also of huge importance that they must be ‘entertaining, engaging and willing to pause before delivering the final word or words of some sentences.’ Feel like you might fit the bill? If you’ve got curly hair, you’ll be a shoe in.


The job description


This role will work closely with the existing hosts, with duties including (but not limited to) accidentally setting things on fire, handling heavy machinery (badly) and being able to bloody-mindedly argue a point that no one will ever agree. Driving the world’s fastest and most exciting cars while talking to camera. Ability to do this without crashing would be considered an advantage, but not essential (apparently).


You’re prepping your CV already, aren’t you? You can now apply for Jeremy Clarkson's job on The Grand Tour!!


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