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10 tips to protect the air conditioner in the car from getting damaged

By, 2017-09-14


With the heat rising year by year, the air conditioner in the car has become just as important as the engine. There is no doubt that the disruption of the car air conditioning in the heat of summer in Qatar is very harsh, and can make the driving of the car impossible.


Here we summarise 10 important tips that each driver must follow so that his car's air conditioner lives as long as possible


1 - At the start of driving and if the car has stopped for a long time and was exposed to strong sunlight, you must start the car and drive for several minutes with open windows. After the temperature of the air inside the car is slightly reduced, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.


2- Do not start the air conditioning at high speeds. It is not advisable to start the air conditioning after at or beyond 60 km/ h as this negative behavior will cause the compressor to harden and stop working.


3- Park the car in a place far from the sun because the shade helps to block the sun, which means that the amount of heat inside the car is less, and this means that the compressor will work for a less time.


4 - You must be know that the strength taken by the compressor is fixed, and it is effective when you trample on gasoline lightly and continuously. Air conditioning is not going to get better if you trample hard on the accelerator.


5 - Make sure that the inside air cycle button is always pressed to reduce the work on the compressor.


6 - Keep the car clean from the inside and do not allow dust inside the car which may leak into the air conditioner and lead to damaging the filters.


7 - In winter it is best to turn on the air conditioner at least twice a month, to prevent dust from accumulating in the air conditioner.


8. Freon gas must be periodically tested in the air conditioning, and of course a special type of Freon must be used. The gas types are different from one brand to another, so you better know what suits your car best.


9. Clean the radiator and all car filters regularly, especially filters related to the cooling system in your car.


10. If the compressor crashes, it is not advisable to replace it with a used compressor because the compressor has a life time so it is better to replace it with a new piece.

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