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Tesla Model 3: everything you need to know

By, 2017-07-09


Tesla, the world's most famous manufacturer of electric cars, has passed all terms and conditions for its new model 3. It will be the first car to be produced in large quantities and the first 30 cars will be delivered to customers on July 28 through a special 'launch party' for owners.


The company explained in a statement on its website that the production will increase to 20 thousands cars per month by December this year. Tesla unveiled this category in March, and has received more than 400,000 applications already.


This huge number of pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 was for a number of reasons; the most important of which is that the price is much lower than the other categories. The price for Model 3 starts from $35,000, while the price of Tesla Model X starts from $80 thousand and reaches up to $200,000. The car can be driven approximately 350 kilometres with one charge.


Although the price of the two cars, Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ioniq is $ 30,000 each, they can be driven between 170 and 200 kilometers only with one charge, which is much less than Tesla.


But the car that competes directly with Model 3 from Tesla is the Chevy Bolt, which can be driven more than 380 kilometres with one charge and it is sold at a price close to Tesla 3 which is $37,500 dollars. But Model 3 of Tesla outperforms the Chevy Bolt in engine power and interior features.

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