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A car puncture lead him to win a million dollar! How?

By, 2017-07-06

tire puncture lottery million dollars


An American man named Anthony Evron won $ 1 million in the Grand American Lottery after his “good” luck led him to buy a lottery ticket. But how?


New York City resident Evarron said he was driving one day and found that one of his car tires had puncture so he drove to the nearest maintenance center to fix the tire.


At the maintenance center, he noted that they were selling the same lottery tickets as the ones his aunty buys, so he thought why not to by one?


Evarron never thought this ticket will change his live and will win him a million dollars. He could not believe at first that the grand prize was his, so he went to the Lottery Center with his brother to check himself, and there discovered that he was the first winner of the award.


On his future plans, Ivaron said that he will develop small projects he has always dreamt of.

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