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Bentley Qatar beats Bentley Saudi Arabia in sales

By, 2017-04-19

Bentley Qatar


Despite the small size of Qatar and its small population compared to Saudi Arabia, Bentley's sales in Qatar have outpaced Bentley's sales in Saudi Arabia, indicating a strong purchasing power of Qataris and their high demand for luxury cars.


2016 was a busy year for Bentley with its first launch of Bentley Bentayga, the first SUV from Bentley. This year also appears to be full of sales for the British auto manufacturer, said Robin Peel, Head of Marketing and Communications, who was pleased to announce that three Arab markets, including the Qatari market, are among Bentley's top 10 global markets.


Last year, Bentley sold 11,023 vehicles, Bentley's fourth year in a row to sell over 10,000 cars. 1,239 of the vehicles were sold to the Middle East, compared to 1,274 in 2015.


Bentley's strongest market in the Middle East is the UAE market. The same year saw the opening of the largest showroom in the world for Bentley on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The second strongest market in the Middle East is the Qatari’s market followed by Saudi Arabia.

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