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By, 2016-12-28
  • The initiative is to motivate entrepreneurs in the private sector in Qatar.
  • 5 food licenses, 4 maintenance licenses, and 3 service licenses.
  • Must comply with conditions of the Traffic Department in Qatar.
  • Applications start from 1/1/2017 and ends 31/1/2017
  • Results to be announced on 8/2/2017  


As part of efforts by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to support the private sectors and entrepreneurs in Qatar, the ministry has announced a new initiative outlining 12 new investment opportunities for the licensing of mobile vehicles.


The ministry highlighted that ‘mobile vehicles’ are those that drive on the roads, or are attached to other vehicles (carts) and are used to sell products either on the sides of the road, in parking spaces and generally in different places, as opposed to those that are stationary.


The investment opportunities highlighted by this initiative are divided into groups as follows:


Food: including hot and cold foods, hot and cold drinks and ice cream


Maintenance: including public relations, repairing car tires, and household maintenance (electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc)


Services: men’s salon, women’s salon, men’s tailor, women’s tailor  


General Rules:


To get a license, one needs to fulfil the requirements as well as get preliminary approval from the traffic department and civil defence. Applications open in the beginning of January and last for a month, with the success of the application being announced on 8th Feb 2017.


The Ministry of Economy and Commerce noted the general requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get licensing for a mobile vehicle.


To obtain a licence for mobile vehicle the applicant needs a commercial registration (CR), road permit from the Traffic Department and health certificates for the workers from the Ministry of Public Health. As for a food mobile vendor, the car should be equipped with a proper fire detection system powered with battery, fire blanket, fire extinguisher as the requirements to obtain approval from Civil Defence. food mobile vendors also need approval from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment for related to hygiene.


The application form is available at the the website of the ministry


Before applying, you need to have an illustrated design of the vendor vehicle. The applicant is also required to give some details in the application like the number of workers. The complete application form may be emailed to


(Prepare your design before you apply)


How the winning applications will be chosen  


All complete applications will be gathered by the Ministry of Commerce which will select winning applications through a raffle. Winning applicaitons will then be notified by the Ministry to complete the procedures.


Terms and Conditions


The Ministry stressed the need to adhere to the general regulations which include limiting the business activity to one sphere only, adherence to the rules of Traffic Department, and the non-obstruction of the flow of traffic and pedestrians. The general and specific rules are dependent on the type of activity for which the license was given such as the need for the vehicle and containers to adhere to certain health and environmental requirements, to be parked at a sufficient distance from school entrances, mosques, hospitals and other places specified by the ministry or concerned authorities.


Further requirements include the need to keep a distance of at least 50 meters away from shops that participate in similar activities as the mobile vehicle, maintaining the cleanliness of the vicinity within which the vehicle is parked, to keep the commercial license in clear, plain view at all times and present it to authorities at their request.


The final decision will be in the hands of the traffic department after ensuring the safety of the vehicle and its adherence to traffic rules and public safety.




i would like to know if it is possible to apply now.or its just possible in the beginning of every year

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