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The best 10 cars for 2016

By, 2016-12-19


Car & Driver Magazine has revealed on its online page a list including the best 10 cars for the year 2016. The cars were chosen by the editors who are working for the magazine.


The Editors chose the best car for 10 different categories such as saloon, SUV, and pick up cars. And with regards to the standards of which the editors have based their selection on, the report did not give any information.


However, the Editors have made only one condition to accept the car in the nomination race. This condition was that the car value must be below $80,000. This was probably the reason behind some cars not showing in the list such as; Maserati, Bentley, and Range Rover.


Here is the list for the best 10 cars in 2016 according to Car $ Driver:


  • Best Small Car: Kia Soul

  • Best Luxury CarX1

  • Best Small SUV: Honda CR-V

  • Best Small Luxury SUV Car: Porche Macan

  • Best Medium Car: Mazda CX-9

  • Best Medium Luxury SUV: Audi Q7

  • Best Large SUV: GLS450

  • Best Medium Pick-Up: Honda Ridgeline

  • Best Large Pick-Up: Ford F150

  • Best Van: Chrysler Pacifica


From the report which was published online, you can see the increase in demand for big cars in the western countries while a decrease in demand existed in the Middle East. These figures were very strange and very different from the figures of the early years of this century.


For example, the report has revealed that in the United States, the sales of SUV and 4X4 cars represent 60% of the total car sales in 2016 jumping from 55% in 2014.


Do you agree with the selection of these cars.. share your opinion here!


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