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A Policewomen Dies After Crashing in a Sinkhole

By, 2016-12-08


An American policewoman was killed in a very strange car crash, were suddenly the road opened a big sinkhole to swallow the lady’s car in one of the road of San Antonio, Texas.


Many people have shared a video showing the car sinking. The US media quoted the police saying: “ Dora Linda Nishihara was off-duty at the time of the fatal crash. Nishihara’s car was headed down Quintana Road when it crashed into a 12-foot-deep sinkhole.


The same sources reported that some people who were passing near by the crash managed to save the driver of another car who crashed in the same sinkhole. He was taken to hospital for treatment, and his situation is stable now with only mild injury.


San Antonio Councilman Rey Saldana has, since the crash, called for action in order to avoid similar tragedies in the future. Saldana said that we need to identify the origins of the problem that caused the sinkhole incident.


It is worth mentioning that this type of accident is very new to Texas, and it is only known in places of earthquakes



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