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For God’s sake.. Put the seat belt on

By, 2016-12-07


When you are behind the wheels, you never know when an accident will happen.. The number one policy that you should always follow for a safe driving is wearing the seat belt.


If you don’t like wearing the seat belt because it ruins your shirt or “Thowb”, then simply not wearing it could ruin your life. Here is a list of reasons which will convince you to wear the seat belt from now on. Please read carefully.


A Seat Belt Can Save Lives


For sure you are familiar with the fact that the seat belt in the car can save your life, and this is enough of a reason why you should wear it at all times. Not yet convinced, here are some facts that demonstrate how seat belts can save your life:


  • Saves you from hitting the windshield in case of an accident
  • Saves you from being thrown out of your car
  • Saves you from flipping around inside the car
  • Pregnant women are much safer in the car with a seat belt on


It's the Law


Yes it is.. In most counties, wearing the seat belt is obligatory. In Qatar, the fine is QR 500 if you are not wearing the seat belt and you are the driver or setting in the passenger seat


Air Bags


Air bags are designed to be effective only when the driver and passengers are having the seat belt on. You cannot blame the airbags if you are injured in an accident and you dont have the seatbelt on.


The Best Defence


Wearing the seat belt is the best defence against the following


  • Strong breaks
  • Sudden stopping
  • Drifting
  • Distractions


So will you wear the seat belt now?? If you ae still not convinced to wear the seat belt… Watch this video


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