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Why is comprehensive insurance not transmitted electronically?

By, 2021-11-11

التأمين الشامل في قطر


Through Metrash 2, you can perform all the main traffic services, from renewing the vehicle regstration (Mulkiya) to paying fines and many other services.


One of the main traffic services is the vehicle ownership transfer service, which is easy, fast and efficient with Metrash 2. And it has facilitated the buying and selling process to the utmost.


But as it has been said, even Homer sometimes nods, the user of the application, whether a seller or a buyer, suffers if the vehicle is comprehensively insured, so when transferring ownership, it requires going to the insurance company and waiting, perhaps for a long time, to conduct the insurance transfer transaction to finish the transfer of ownership procedure.


Technically, it is certain that this transaction can be completed through the application, but what is the reason for the delay in launching the transfer service in the case of comprehensive insurance?


Does the delay come from the insurance companies? Or is the process that complicated?


Why is the process of transferring ownership of the fully insured vehicle not availble through the application? A question we are looking for an answer to.


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