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Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Prices in Qatar

By, 2021-07-13

تويوتا لاند كروزر 2022 قطر


We have collected for you the specifications of the new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, the car that has maintained its position among the most prominent multi-purpose vehicles thanks to the safety and security features, and the high levels of quality, durability and reliability that reflect Toyota's solid experience in the sector.


You can read the article that compiles the specifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 here.


The new generation of the "Cruiser", how people in GCC call it, is witnessing unprecedented improvements to the basic structure of the car and the power of the car, which is on the top of the SUV category.


And we are talking here about the categories of the new “Cruiser” and its prices at the exclusive agent in the State of Qatar, which is Abdullah Abdul Ghani & Brothers Company.


Bold design with a lighter, more durable body


The car features an eye-catching exterior design and enhances its strong presence through its new and comprehensive design approach, while its interior embodies the highest levels of luxury and functional efficiency that distinguish this model from all other cars in its class.



Wide lines that suggest strength and flow horizontally to give the car its distinctive and unique presence, and an imposing look enhanced by sharp and contrasting lines. Pioneering technologies As the flagship model of the Land Cruiser series, the car has invested in its various generations the latest technologies to lead the development process in the automotive world.


These developments resulted in reducing the vehicle's weight and lowering its center of gravity, in addition to adopting a new powertrain and achieving unparalleled off-road capabilities.


Safety centered design


As in all other Toyota vehicles, safety is a key priority in the all-new Land Cruiser, as it is equipped with an advanced safety system that integrates with Toyota Safety System 2.0, an advanced suite of safety technologies, including Pre-Collision Alert (PCS), which It has been equipped with new features, including Emergency Steering Assist and Intersection Steering Assist, to help the driver prevent collisions with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.


Toyota's safety system also includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) full-speed range, Lane Tracking System (LTA), Lane Assist System (LDA) and Adaptive High Beam System (AHS).


Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 prices in Qatar


The new price list for Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 as announced by AAB:


  • Model GX at a price of QR 208,000
  • Model GXR at a price of QR 240,000 - 255,000
  • Model GXR trubo at prices of QR 295,000 - 305,000 - 315,000
  • VX model at a price of QR 345,000
  • Model VXR at a price of QR 375,000 (Full Option).


أسعار تويوتا في قطر


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