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Learn about Delphi Technologies multi-charge ignition coils

By, 2021-04-25

Delphi Technology


Delphi Technologies multi-charge ignition coils offer original equipment (OE) technology plus independent post marketing service benefits.


Thanks to Delphi Technologies' original equipment ignition coils for Mercedes applications, garages can now supply a growing fleet of high-performance vehicles with high-quality ignition system repair service at competitive prices.


The system, which features the company's multi-charging technology, delivers multiple sparks and an increase in spark power to achieve lower emissions, better fuel economy of up to 20 percent, and improved engine performance.


To meet the growing demand for aftermarket service, Delphi Technologies, the leading global supplier of advanced ignition systems, is introducing two original equipment ignition coils that feature the company's multi-charging technology.


To date, over 14 million files have been produced corresponding to popular Mercedes applications. With the original equipment business tied to the next decade, this is a large and growing opportunity for distributors and garages alike.


Jean-Francois Bouviron, Deputy General Manager, Post-Marketing Service Division - Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), comments: “By providing this innovative technology in independent post-marketing service, garages can now provide their customers with a competitive, quality-assured ignition system repair service.


In addition to the immediate works on offer, this provides garages with an opportunity to connect to a high-quality and growing fleet of vehicles, which will require high-value repairs throughout its life. 560 Delphi Technologies OEM ignition coils are installed on over 150 Mercedes models including the A220, C180, C200, E200, GLA200 and Vito.


The latest additions to the company's ignition kit move to more than 500 parts, covering nearly 9,000 applications (brand / model / engine size) and 114 million vehicles in total, making it one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive, combinations in the industry.


Fuel economy improved by up to 20 percent Thanks to Delphi Technologies multi-charge ignition, the first spark follows several additional sparks to ignite the fuel air mixture under challenging operating conditions, such as high levels of exhaust gas recirculation and poor fuel mixtures.


Very rapid and successive spark events allow ignition to occur at the desired spark timing. This results in perfect combustion and helps significantly improve fuel economy - up to 20 percent - and lower emissions in GDi engines, compared to competitors' time-controlled multi-spark ignition systems.


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