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Black Day for Tesla ... 2 men killed in a Tesla car accident

By, 2021-04-20



Physical evidence from the scene of the accident and interviews with witnesses led officials to "believe that no one was driving at the time of the accident."


The Texas authorities said that two men were killed after a Tesla car crashed on board last Saturday and caught fire, and it is noteworthy that neither of the two men was behind the wheel.


The vehicle "S 2019" (2019 S) was traveling at "high speed" when it was trying to overtake a bend, veered off the road and collided with a tree, and the accident occurred in a residential area of ​​Woodlands, an area less than 50 kilometers north of Houston.


One of the men was - as the police said - in the front passenger seat, and the other in the back seat. According to the testimonies of the two men's wives, they were traveling in a Tesla car and said they wanted to go on a trip, and they were talking about the car's self-driving feature.



Shortly before the accident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promoted a recent safety report from the company, writing on Twitter that "Tesla is developing the autonomous driving feature to reduce the chance of accidents by 10 times the current average."


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