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Say "Goodbye" to Toyota V8 Engines

By, 2020-04-25

Toyota Engine


It seems that Toyota will abandon the current V8 engines in favor of a new V6 twin-turbo, according to internal sources speaking to the American website The Drive.


Currently V8 engines are used in the Land Cruiser, Sequoia and Tundra. The sources also indicated that the Toyota plant in the state of Alabama in the United States will produce 30,000 V8 engines for use in the current models, and upon completion of their manufacture, the factory tools will be changed to make the V6 engines, with V8 production in a Japanese Toyota factory for some special models continuing for two or three years before stopping completely.


This information is consistent with many similar reports and leaks in the past .. It is also expected that the Toyota will launch the next generation Tundra in December 2021 with a twin-turbo V6 engine with hybrid assistance, while providing the upcoming Land Cruiser with hybrid and petroleum versions of the same engine.


Lexus will be the exception here, with some models continuing temporarily with a V8 engine such as the LC racing car, and the upcoming LX may use a 600 hp version of the engine.

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