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After Van Damme's ad, Volvo released its new astonishing video ad

By, 2020-03-22



Do you remember the Volvo ad in which the famous American actor Jean-Claude Van Damme appeared riding on two trucks of the Swedish company Volvo. The advertisement got a lot of momentum and millions saw it everywhere.



And now Volvo has published through the official channel of the company on YouTube an innovative new advertisement through which 4 new trucks were created, focusing on the driving environment, safety and productivity.


The Swedish company presented in the video an exciting show, as it made a tower of the four new trucks, and made them carrying each other, indicating that they are all capable of carrying loads of up to 38 tons.


The most exciting part of the video is the appearance of the company’s truck division manager, “Kless Nelson,” standing above the truck tower, on the top of the Volvo FMX.


It is noteworthy that the four trucks that appeared in the advertisement are the latest versions for 2020, which are Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX, and they represent two thirds of the company's production.


Volvo has provided the new trucks with many advanced technologies and systems, including a new information system with a 12-inch driver front screen, and another 9-inch touch screen that displays the navigation system data and transmits the camera broadcasts in the back, and this screen can also be controlled through the buttons on Joystick or even sonic!


The trucks vary in terms of special equipment for the cabin according to their own model. The long-distance truck is provided in the back with two beds, in which the level of noise and comfort was taken into consideration.


These trucks are also equipped with many safety systems, including the adaptive lighting system in the FH and FH16 models, which monitors the system's road condition in the front and adjusts the lighting to reduce the dazzle of drivers of other vehicles. In addition to providing the ACC adaptive cruise control, as well as the automatic downhill slope descending, and the EBS comprehensive electronic braking system that includes automatic braking and electronic stability control.



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