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Statistics show decrease in traffic accidents in 2019

By, 2020-02-17

مرور قطر


Statistics of the Ministry of Interior in Qatar, which it published on its official pages, revealed a new decrease in traffic accident deaths during the past year, registering 4.4 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 4.9 in the year 2018, with a rate of change of 10.2%.


And it was clear in the published statistics that there was a noticeable decrease in the number of accidents and the number of traffic deaths, as traffic statistics showed that the number of deaths reached 154 deaths last year compared to 168 deaths recorded in 2018, with a change of 8.3%.



Statistics showed that the total number of traffic accidents decreased by 2.8% during the past year, and the rate of fatal accidents decreased by 13% from 154 to 134 accidents.  


مرور قطر


Commenting on these figures, Mr Ibrahim Saad Al-Sulaiti said that the death rate recorded in Qatar during the past year is less than the global average recorded 18.2%. He pointed out that these low rates of traffic accidents and the deaths resulting from them have decreased despite the increase in the number of vehicles by 4.3% during the past year compared to the previous year.


The decline in traffic accidents in Qatar was the result of a carefully studied efforts by the Ministry of Interior


The decline in traffic accidents indicators in Qatar was not by chance, but is the result of carefully studied efforts, and a tireless work in which, alongside the Ministry of Interior, many parties in Qatar participated in it, adding that the legislative systems, the development of modern road networks, the expansion of public transport and the management of traffic congestion scientifically, Road speed management plans and pedestrian protection measures all contributed to these accomplishments.


And here is an invitation from us to all road pioneers to always exercise caution, avoid excessive speed, and fasten seat belts at all times.


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