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Best Cars of the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show

By, 2019-09-16

The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show has its sights set on the future of the auto industry. From production-ready electric cars to concepts that preview future designs, this show gives a good look to the future of the auto industry.


According to editors and many online auto magazine, here is a list of the most popular cars in the event.


Hyundai 45 Concept




It is very strange why Hyundai always seemed to be embarrassed by its past, especially at the time of producing the Pony in North America. Now, after 45 years after it showed the 1974 Pony concept coupe, it uses the Frankfurt auto show to unveil the 45 concept that pays homage to the Pony while signaling future design.


The modern concept is an electric vehicle with sharply angled lines and a diamond-shaped silhouette. With no B-pillar, the doors slide wide open to reveal a minimalist cabin with lounge chairs that swivel to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle and converse with others during the trip.


Ford Kuga ST-Line Plug-In Hybrid 2020



Porsche isn't the only automaker to paint its hybrids' brake calipers. The overall visual package on this 2019 Frankfurt auto show car knocked me out.


Basically like a sporty looking Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid but for Europe, this Kuga ST-Line had a monochrome bright red paint job with a black roof, polished wheels, and the all-important badges.


Honda E Production Car



Even before Honda lifted the sheets on the new E hatchback, the little electric car's charm shined right through the white sheet barely disguising its design.


We won't get the E; Americans don't usually flock to cars that are electric, small, or hatchbacks. But that can't stop us from appreciating its retro-modern design.


BMW Concept 4


I don't envy BMW designers. The brand's well-defined design language established over the last few decades doesn't give designers much freedom for change as other automakers have.


But that's no excuse for the front end of the new BMW Concept 4, which previews the design of the upcoming 4 Series coupe. Our editors had mixed feelings about the oversized kidney grille. That and the exaggerated rear diffuser are controversial to say the least, but there's a lot to look forward to, here. On the positive side, the concept pops in red, and color matters. 


1987 Opel Corsa GT



What better way to demonstrate automotive progress than to display a 30-year-old car next to your new ones? As charming as this boxy '87 Corsa GT is, with its black liftgate, plaid seats, and three-spoke wheels, we'd much rather drive the new Opel for the obvious reasons (safety, power, efficiency, modern features, etc. ).


The new Opel Corsas close to this older model include a red electric one with a black roof and partially blacked-out C-pillar, and a gas-powered model with an over-the-top visual package including racing stripes, and red trim on the wheels, side mirrors, and grille. But hey, how about that '87 Corsa GT that Opel spent eight months restoring?


Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept 



The illuminating (and then disappearing) blue line on the EQS show car has nothing on the beautifully intricate work you'll see on cars featured with Lowrider, but it's still charming. It's also a cool way to break up the car's two-tone silver and black color scheme. We have posted a full review on this concept car, you can read it here.


Audi AI: Trail Concept



We know this is vaporware, but this off-road electric concept from Audi is off-the-charts cool with massive rugged wheels, crazy angled sides, and headlights attached to a drone on top of the vehicle to detach and light the way ahead if needed.


It has a clear frunk, the bottom half of a steering wheel, and a minimalist interior with a place to prop your phone to serve as a nav system. The industrial-weave rear seats are strapped in place but can be removed to serve as hammock chairs once you find trees to strap them to.


Byton M Byte



This Chinese startup has a five-passenger SUV that looks conservative from the outside but has a screen that spans the width of the car inside. Running 48 inches wide and 10 inches high, the screen is as tasteful as it is eye-catching.


Land Rover Defender



The car has a new D7x chassis and structure, which adopts a monocoque aluminum mold to provide greater strength to the body of the car than ever before. The company claims the car is three times stiffer than the traditional chassis and says it has passed more than 62,000 tests before it is delivered.


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