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Please! Think Bike Think Biker

By, 2019-07-10

Food Delivery Qatar


During the last 3 years, we have noticed a major increase in the number of motorbikes on the roads of Qatar. Many delivery or courier companies such as Talabat, Carriage, Qatar Post are now using motorbikes in their operations.


It is new for drivers in Qatar to drive with motorbikes around them. Hence serious accidents are happening!


There is no doubt that of all road users, motorcyclists are statistically the most at risk. We can all help to reduce the risk by taking longer to look for motorbikes at junctions, or when changing lanes. We can help by creating awareness about this issue.


The United Kingdom has launched a campaign in 2012 named "Think Bike, Think Biker" to bring awareness about motorcyclists on the road. The campaign was very successful and it was able to achieve its targets of reducing motorbike accidents by 60%. Why dont we in Qatar adopt such campaigns?


"Think Bike Think Biker" campaign, had four main aims:


  1. Encouraging motorcyclists to take extra training. Research shows those with advanced training tend to ride at slower speeds with better road positioning and reaction times.
  2. Encouraging motorcyclists to wear the right protective gear in all weather conditions.
  3. Encouraging motorcyclists to reduce their speed on the road.
  4. Encouraging drivers to take longer to look for bikes, specifically at junctions.


I witnessed yesterday a fatal accident between a motorbike and a car in Doha, hence I wrote this article hoping it will make a change.


Please help to spread this article, maybe you will help to save a soul. "if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people" (Quran:2,692)


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