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Important: You need sunglasses for driving

By, 2019-07-06

Driving with Sunglasses


Extreme brightness and distracting reflections can impair visibility when driving and be the cause of a freak accident.


Sunglasses, as simple and ubiquitous as they are, can offer protection from these elements. Choose sunglasses with lenses that are impact-resistant and made of polycarbonate. Don't be penny wise, pound foolish. Ensure your sunglasses block 99-100% of UV-A and UV-B rays.


Look for sunglasses labelled 'UV 40' for best protection. Go for grey lenses, as they reduce the intensity of light without heavily altering the colour of objects. Even though many contact lenses have some degree of UV protection, it is still important to wear sunglasses when driving.


Ensure the sunglasses fit properly and shield your eyes from all angles. Polarised or mirrored lenses offer the best protection against the bright sun (and harmful ultraviolet rays). The right model can also protect from dust and even strong winds.


Is it necessary to wear sunglasses while driving?


It is important to wear sunglasses on a bright day. Not only do glasses protect against glare, they also prevent bright reflections from distracting and interfering with your sight.


On a bright day, the amount of light reaching the retina is very high and the retina cannot close enough to reduce the amount of light entering the eye.


This causes you to squint constantly, which can also cause headaches and nausea. Sunglasses serve to limit the light that reaches your eyes and can eliminate the need for squinting.


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