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Tariq Al Musa .. The genius behind Qatar’s most popular car

By, 2019-07-02

Mr. Tariq Al Musa


All super cars fans in Qatar know about the Nissan GT-R Skyline. Not every day you come across a car like this, you can compete with this car in any car show in the world and win! But do you know the genius mind behind it?


Nissan GTR Skyline Qatar

Nissan GT-R Skyline


It is Mr. Tariq Al Musa, a Qatari guy who described himself in his Instagram account as a “cars and watches collector and blogger”. He is known among those who are passionate with street cars and super cars in Qatar.


Al Musa is one of the biggest car collector in Qatar. From Lambos to short nose, his private collection is a silent cluster and goldmine of a museum. He had a dream and he is achieving it.


Ever since he was a little boy, he always had a passion for cars. He always had the passion about the engineering, the design and the art of cars. he also enjoyed reading about what the car is capable of doing.


As he was growing up, he said to himself that my dream and my goal is to own a nice collection of classic and modern supercars one day. Without fail, he managed to make his dream come true.


Tariq Al Musa started from his home garage, and now he has become the most known face in car shows and custom made shows in Qatar. He has won several awards, locally and internationally, and his project of the 1973 V6 Nissan GT-R Skyline was one of his leading projects he has worked on. It took him 9 months to single-handedly revamp this beautiful car, working day and night in his home garage.


Tariq Al Musa is a great example for anyone who has a dream. he showed how a dream can come true by working hard and loving the work that you do!


Enjoy more photos of the super car ... 


Nissan GT-R


Nissan GT-R


Nissan GT-R




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