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Toyota is the top car brand and VW is the most improved in 2019

By, 2019-06-12

Yoyota Nomber one


Car companies and their brands vary widely, and can be categorized and differentiated across multiple factors such as sales volume or profit, number of followers on social networking platforms and many other factors.


In a recent study by Canadian research firm Kantar Millward Brown, Toyota ranked first in 2019 as the highest-value brand, ahead of Mercedes-Benz in second place and BMW in third place.


It is noteworthy that Toyota ranked first among car companies on this list for 12 years out of 14 conducted this annual study.


The surprise of the study was that Volkswagen Germany achieved the largest progress in the market value of its brand, and recorded a rise of 12%.


The same applies to the seven remaining automakers on the list of top 10 car companies, with the Honda, Ford, Nissan, Tesla and Audi ranking on the 100th list, with the exception of Volkswagen, which improved slightly after the emissions scandal, as well as Porsche, which this year joined the list of top 10 companies Cars after the introduction of Maruti - Suzuki.


Top Car Brands


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