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Woman Covers Her Lamborghini with 1.3 Million Crystals

By, 2019-04-17


How do you make a bright red Lamborghini Huracan even more eye-catching? The only logical step is to glue more than a million crystals onto the bodywork, of course, which is exactly what Daria Radionova did and shared with her 63,000 Instagram followers.


This odd crystal "wrap" was done by Vinceri, crystal specialists that do these sorts of jobs for a living. According to Motor1, the shop glued roughly 1.3 million Swarovski crystals onto the Rosso Mars-finished bodywork. In this video it appears that each crystal was affixed by hand, so we can't begin to imagine how long the project took to complete.


Radionova is no stranger to these odd wraps though–– in 2014 she spent more than $27,000 to have her Mercedes-Benz CLS covered in the crystals, and did something similar to her Bentley Continental GT. We aren't sure how much the Lamborghini Huracan Vinceri Edition cost to build, but we'd be surprised if you couldn't at least buy a new Mustang GT for the money she spent.



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